Top Ten Reasons Why Feminists Suck

American Women Suck Top Ten Reasons Why Feminists Suck 1) Selfish – to the point where they don’t know the difference between love of self and plain downright greed–and drilled into believing that whatever happens is the fault of whatever man is in their life because of the feminist crud drilled into them by the cadre of asexual closet cases called “therapists” who appear on “Ricki”, “Oprah” or other such electronic

TSA’s Millimeter Wave Scanners Radiate Cells With Untested and Dangerous Technology

Everything we do is controlled or enabled by electrical signals in our brain and nervous system. The cells in our bodies are microscopic entities filled with a salt water type solution surrounded by a wall (cell membrane). One of the features of the cells in our bodies is that they control and regulate the exchange of electrically charged ions across the cell. Our cells even create their own very faint electromagne

State Sponsors of Terrorism: US Planned and Carried out 9/11 Attacks, but Blames Other Countries for Them

The forever changing 9/11 story is entering a new phase. Blame is being transferred from Osama bin Laden to the Saudi Arabian government. There are 28 pages classified secret of a congressional inquiry into 9/11 that allegedly found Saudi financial support for the alleged 9/11 hijackers. Neither the George W. Bush nor the Obama regimes would release the classified pages. Only a few members of Congress have been per

Putin Closes The Door To Monsanto

In a new address to the Russian Parliament Thursday, Putin proudly outlined his plan to make Russia the world’s ‘leading exporter’ of non-GMO foods that are based on ‘ecologically clean’ production. Putin harshly criticized food production in the United States, declaring that Western food producers are no longer offering high quality, healthy, and ecologically clean food. Putin is correct. American agribu

Will Trump receive immunity from all war crimes if elected?

“Since clinching the Republican nomination, Trump’s true colors have started to emerge. He named a former Goldman Sachs partner to run his fundraising efforts, he named petty authoritarian, gangster wannabe Chris Christie to run his transition team, and he chose “everyone’s a terrorist” Rudy Giuliani as his planned head of the domestic gestapo, the Department of Homeland Security. He’s also been end

Donald Trump’s True Colors Emerge as He Snuggles up to Wall Street

Earlier this week, in the post Donald Trump Will Meet War Criminal Henry Kissinger, I pointed out the following: Since clinching the Republican nomination, Trump’s true colors have started to emerge. He named a former Goldman Sachs partner to run his fundraising efforts, he named petty authoritarian, gangster wannabe Chris Christie to run his transition team, and he chose “everyone’s a terrorist” Rudy G

Putin doesn’t understand the power of Washington’s money

Putin doesn’t understand the power of Washington’s money. In the entire West only money counts. There is no such thing as Washington’s word, government integrity, truth, or even empirical facts. There are only well-propagated lies. The entire West is a lie. The West exists for one reason only–corporate profits. More:

Elect The Warmonger Hellary And You Will Have Victoria Nuland As Secretary Of State

And that’s when Nuland’s rampage of everlasting shame began. She was the main architect of the coup in Kiev in February 2014 that overthrow the constitutionally elected government of the Ukraine, thereby commencing the whole sequence of confrontations with Russia and the full-throated demonization of Vladimir Putin that has followed. Needless to say, overthrowing an elected government on Russia’s front doorst

Unfathomable Hypocrisy of the USG and its Network News

America is now an occupied nation, occupied this Khazarian Mafia (KM) a foreign-based world’s largest crime syndicate which has set up a well organized pyramidal Hierarchy viewed by Americans as “the Establishment” (aka the Blue-bloods, the Pilgrim Society types, the Eastern Establishment “Bloodline” Families). This notably criminal, foreign-based group now controls American society and its institutions e

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Solutions for Better Living

Forget focusing on the rollercoaster of economic problems. We all know it’s rigged and completely fake anyway. Let’s talk about eco-Friendly, sustainable solutions to empower sovereign individuals. Within the past century we have developed the necessary technological innovations and ecological understanding to efficiently provide healthy food, clean water, and reliable shelter for all people while sustainably o

Hugo Neu and the Giuliani Partners Who Destroyed the Steel of 9/11

Robert Kelman, the man whose company handled much of the steel from the World Trade Center, said about the debris being brought to his Jersey City scrapyard, “The concrete was literally pulverized; all you’re left with is steel and dust.” Because the remaining steel would reveal how the 220 concrete floors and their steel pans were pulverized, the architects of terror had to make sure that the ste

Who Told Giuliani the WTC was Going to Collapse on 9/11?

Why were only a select few people warned? How many lives would have been saved if everyone had received this warning? Were Port Authority staff told to stay in the buildings? If so, why? More:

Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China

As I have previously written, Washington believes that it is easier to control one government, the EU, than to control many separate European governments. As Washington has a long term investment in orchestrating the European Union, Washington is totally opposed to any country exiting the arrangement. That is why President Obama recently went to London to tell his lapdog, the British Prime Minister, that there coul

The Untold History of US War Crimes

In this exclusive interview, Prof Peter Kuznick speaks of: the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagazaki; US crimes and lies behind the Vietnam war, and what was really behind that inhumane invasion; why the US engaged a Cold War with the Soviet Union, and how that war and the mainstream media influences the world today; the interests behind the assassinations of President Kennedy; US imperialism towards Latin Amer

It’s a 2-acre farm, packed into a shipping container that doubles as a farm building

The Farm From A Box system is designed to feed 150 people per year, and includes drip irrigation, all of the tools, and its own renewable energy setup. This plug-and-play farming system combines water-smart irrigation, renewable energy, and precision farming technology in a single shipping container that is said to be capable of supporting the cultivation of almost two and a half acres, using regenerative agricultu